TDWI 2011 München, 6.-8.6.

Program – Ohjelma :

Welcome Colleagues,

This marks the 11 th conference that TDWI has sponsored in Europe and the 8th conference in Munich. We are excited about our new venue for the conference this year. I am happy say that our BI community continues to grow in Germany and across Europe. TDWI is dedicated to delivering world class, best practice based, vendor neutral education. Our goal is to provide you with actionable education and abreast of the latest technologies so you can stay ahead of the competition. This conference will provide both business and technology professional’s significant opportunities to learn and understand best practices across a wide verity of BI topics.

Key focuses of this conference are:

  • Agile DW/BI – including a Keynote from Claudia Imhoff “Agile BI Silver Bullet or Myth?”
  • Data Governance, Data Quality and Master Data Management
  • Business Analytics – including a Keynote from Frank Buytendijk “The Machiavellian CIO: Strategy, Anayltics and Philosophy”
  • Technology trends – including Mobile BI and SaaS

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