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Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions


During more than thirty years at 3M, Allen Messerli implemented many innovative information technology solutions in supply chain, manufacturing, sales and marketing functions.Allen initiated and implemented 3Mís Global Enterprise Data Warehouse, providing integrated business intelligence, financial transparency, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and e-business for 40 business units, channel partners, and customers globally.The 3M GEDW has been acclaimed by BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, CIO, and The Data Warehouse Institute.It is the most comprehensive and integrated EDW in manufacturing.Allen has extensive leadership experience in national and global logistics and electronic commerce organizations, and was a pioneer in electronic business and data warehousing.He began data warehouse consulting in 2000, and has since provided vision and leadership to 375 companies and government agencies.



An enterprise data warehouse uniquely provides major benefits for large businesses:


        Exceptional ROI with improved productivity and cost reduction in all functional areas

        Timely and detailed financial analytics and reporting, with top-to-bottom transparency

        Key performance indices for all functional areas, with drill down to actionable detail

        Enterprise-wide visibility of revenues, profitability, costs, orders, plans, and service

        By customer, product, geography, or sales organization

        Improved cash flow with globally integrated inventory and supply chain management

        Reduction in direct and indirect procurement costs with enterprise-wide visibility

        Greater market penetration with integrated business data from external sources

        Improved product commercialization, marketing, contracting, and price management

        Faster, more effective acquisitions via data integration without re-engineering

        "One face" relationships in dealing with customers, channel partners and suppliers

        "Easier to do business with" capability via global electronic business capabilities


Al Messerli conceived and implemented the 3M Global Enterprise Data Warehouse (GEDW) achieving these benefits and helping 3M to far out-perform market indices.It changed the culture toward synchronization of business unit and functional activities inside and outside the company, thus achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency throughout the company and distribution channels.3M is a highly profitable $23 billion global company with 40 business units, operating globally, selling cooperatively through many channels to many markets.


Employees, customers, distributors and suppliers access one global information source via the Internet.Business intelligence and action alerts are pushed to desktops, with interactive drill-down to actionable detail.Employees can ďask any question any time,Ē within the constraints of their security clearance.Channel partners, customers and the public can access multimedia product information at 3M.com or channel-specific web sites in local languages, and experience integrated buying processes.Current, accurate and consistent data is shared with channel partner databases, catalogs and websites.


Al Messerli is now consulting and has helped more than 350 companies and governmental organizations globally.His broad business and IT experience uniquely enable him to provide these services:


        communicate EDW vision, strategy and business benefits to executives

        provide understanding of key success factors for achieving ROI

        develop scope, roadmap, justification, architecture and organization

        establish appropriate processes, governance, roles and responsibilities