Wednesday, January 26, 10.00 - 17.00
Course Description

If you need to gain critical and current insight into technology-based solutions quickly, TeCHallenge is the event for you. TeCHallenge is a fast-paced, entertaining, and practical approach to learning about the solutions enabling today's data warehouses. Using TDWIs proven approach, which uses expert moderators, audience participation, and real-world criteria, you will learn what is most important in selecting technology for your data warehouse environment. By the end of the day, you will have a better understanding of how the different technologies fit into a data warehousing implementation, as well as how these technologies meet criteria that attendees like you rank as the most important. Additionally, you will take away the TeCHallenge Proceedings - a valuable book that includes product briefs and matrices that cover key criteria - such as features, functions, and benefits of each technology. 

TeCHallenge Proceedings 
While you read this, leading technology solution providers are independently proposing the criteria (features, functions, etc.) that they believe to be most critical in ensuring a successful deployment of their technologies. Additionally, each technology solution provider is providing a brief corporate and product overview that will be included in the TeCHallenge proceedings, which each attendee will receive. Packed with product briefs and criteria matrices, the TeCHallenge proceedings will become one of the most sought after books at TDWIE Copenhagen 2000! 

TeCHallenge Sessions 
The TeCHallenge session will be led by a moderator who will start with an overview and discussion of what industry leaders, solution providers, and your peers feel the top criteria are. Then, you will select the criteria that are the most important to you to make a technology or solution decision. Next, the "Challenge" begins - technology and solution providers will present or demonstrate how their solutions firstly meet the top three criteria chosen by them and secondly the criteria that you have just chosen as being most important. In the final element of the TeCHallenge session, technology providers answer one more question: "What is the most important lesson that your customers have taught you about deploying their technology in a large complex environment?" 

TeCHallenge is not a competition to identify the best technology solutions in each area, but we fully expect that you will develop some opinions by the end of the day! 

TDWI will select technology solution providers from its TeCHallenge submissions based on quality and content. Submission of a TeCHallenge form does not guarantee participation in TeCHallenge. TeCHallenge will address the technology and solutions as defined in The Data Warehousing Institute's Roadmap, the Atlas of Data Warehousing, and the 1998 Data Warehousing Buyer's Guide. Using these widely accepted documents, we will define the TeCHallenge session as time permits.

  • Overview of the technology solution providers' proposed top criteria with Q & A.
  • Technology solution providers present and/or demonstrate, in a controlled and timed environment, how their solutions meet the three criteria that they have selected.
  • Session attendees vote. The moderator will determine the top three criteria selected by the session attendees. 
  • Technology solution providers present and/or demonstrate, in a controlled and timed environment, how their solutions meet the three criteria selected by attendees. 
  • Technology solution providers present their lessons in large complex data warehousing environments. 
  • Q & A. Time permitting, the moderator will entertain audience questions for the technology solution providers. 
As an audience member, you will be both interrogator and judge. After the presentations, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenting vendor and then evaluate technologies: 
  • Innovation—How innovative is the product's design or purpose? 
  • Usefulness—How useful is the product to data warehousing managers or business intelligence users? 
  • Value—What is the value of the product given its price? 
  • Impact—What impact will the product have on the data warehousing industry? 
  • Uniqueness—Does the product represent a new area within data warehousing, or is this a new product in an existing technology segment?
What your peers say about the TDWI technology selection sessions: 
"A good forum (though tough on the presenters) for a glimpse into tool direction." 
"This is a great format." 
"Great session." 
"Very valuable - should do more of this." 

Can't attend TDWIE Copenhagen 2000? 
Break away for one day and attend TeCHallenge! Challenge yourself! Attend the TeCHallenge and visit with technology solution providers in TDWI unique educational format. See special registration option for just one day.


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