The instructors who teach our courses are industry experts and top-rated classroom instructors. TDWI prides itself on the superior educational content it provides and the highly skilled instructors that teach its courses.

Dr. Barry Devlin 
is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He defined one of the first data warehouse architectures in the mid-1980s, and he continues to work at the leading edge of data warehouse architecture and implementation with clients worldwide. He is the author of Data Warehouse —  from Architecture to Implementation (Addison Wesley, 1997).

W.H. (Bill) Inmon 
the father of the data warehouse concept, has written 39 books on data management, data warehouse, design review, and management of data processing and is a regular contributor to trade journals. Bill is the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Pine Cone Systems and has written over 500 articles published in leading trade journals. Bill's books have been translated into Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, German, French, Spanish, and Korean. Bill conducts seminars and conferences in the US, Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia.  Bill holds two software patents for metadata management.

Pia Kankkunen 
has managed the establishment of the five European TDWI affiliates,  coordinates their activities working in close contact with the international data warehousing community both in Europe and in the US and is responsible for the European TDWI conferences. She is a management consultant at the Sifo Group company SMG Finland. Her current focus is on the design and implementation of data warehousing education.

Mitch Kramer 
is an analyst of business intelligence, information management, and distributed computing. He specializes in recognizing and understanding new technologies, identifying their value to the business, and creating frameworks for their evaluation and selection. Kramer consults with IT organizations to define and implement information technology strategies and architectures as well as in technology and product evaluation and selection. He has written many in-depth reports analyzing and comparing software products in his areas of expertise including Web based business intelligence and electronic commerce.

Richard Rist 
utilizes his 16 years experience with information and database systems as The Data Warehousing Institute’s Vice President of Research and Education. With a primary focus on the knowledge transfer of data warehousing technologies, methodologies, trends and directions, Richard is constantly working with leaders of the industry conducting research on the latest trends and directions of the data warehousing market.

Johan Wallin 
is responsible for the Finnish operations of SMG, an international management consultancy founded by professor Richard Normann. He has 20 years experience from using information technology for the purpose of making strategic decisions. His interest in combining business strategy with information technology introduced him to The Data Warehousing Institute already in 1995. Johan Wallin is the chairman of TDWI Europe.