It is very clear that data warehousing is getting ever-increasing visibility as a foundation for today's business intelligence and integrated ERP systems, analytic applications, knowledge management strategies, business portals, and E-commerce applications. Data warehousing is here to stay, and The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is here to help.

The Data Warehousing Institute™ (TDWI) is the premier educational association in the data warehousing industry. TDWI is dedicated to educating business and information technology professionals about the strategies, techniques and tools required to successfully design, build and maintain data warehousing implementations. TDWI also attends to the advancement of data warehousing research, knowledge transfer and to the professional development of its members. 

In the evolving and developing field of data warehousing it is necessary for data warehousing and information technology professionals to connect and interact with one another. The Data Warehousing Institute provides these professionals with the opportunity to learn from each other, network, share ideas and respond as a collective whole to the challenges and opportunities in the data warehousing industry. The Data Warehousing Institute membership includes more than 34,000 associates and members who are data warehousing and information technology professionals from Fortune 1000 corporations, consulting organizations, and governments in 45 countries. In Europe five national affiliates have already been established and the community continues its strong growth.

The Data Warehousing Institute convenes annual world-wide conferences and courses on data warehousing and business information strategies where professionals share real world experiences. Our conferences present a great opportunity for learning, networking and much more. The Copenhagen program was made in close cooperation with the European membership to answer the most topical questions of today, and it will bring together the leading European organizations in data warehousing as well as introduce a number of brand new novelties.   

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen. This is going to be a very interesting and instructive event together with some of the most prominent experts in the field of data warehousing, so you are heartily welcome to join us there.

Johan Wallin
The Data Warehousing Institute Europe

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