Thursday, January 27, 10.00 - 17.00

Applying Business Intelligence to 
Electronic Commerce Systems, Case Studies
Mitch Kramer, Founder and Consultant, Green Hill Analysis
Course Description

Electronic commerce adds new dimensions to business intelligence. In many ways, electronic commerce is simply the Web channels for marketing, sales, and service, but, in many other ways, it’s much more than that. Electronic commerce systems are always online. Competition is only a click away. So, effective marketing and strong CRM is even more important. And, the “click stream” data generated when customers shop and buy at a site can be as important to decision making as the traditional transaction data that has always been the input to business intelligence systems. 
This course builds on “Electronic Commerce: The Next Frontier for Business Intelligence” to explore how to apply business intelligence to electronic commerce systems and to examine how some early adopters have implemented such applications. Key topics include:

  • What is electronic commerce? 
  • The need for business intelligence in electronic commerce
  • Approaches, technologies, and products for business intelligence in electronic commerce
  • Examples of business intelligence products that can be and have been used in electronic commerce systems
  • Evaluation framework for business intelligence products that support electronic commerce
  • Case studies of business intelligence in electronic commerce