Tuesday, January 25, 10.00 - 17.00

- From A to Z
Dr. Barry Devlin, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Academy of Technology

Course Description

Metadata is one of the great buzzwords of data warehousing.  Vendors of warehouse tools describe how they use metadata to control the entire build and populate process.  Vendors of end user tools promote the use of metadata by users.  Various gurus and consultants talk about metadata as the philosopher's stone, capable of transmuting base data into precious information and even knowledge. In this context, confusion and misunderstandings abound. This session will clarify what metadata is, and will provide a practical insight into how to collect, classify, store, and use it throughout the warehouse.

Metadata Basic Concepts

(A) What is metadata?
(B) The relationship between business data and metadata
(C) Positioning metadata in the warehouse
(D) Metadata functionality required in the warehouse

Types, Uses, and Audiences of Metadata

(E) Build-time metadata
(F) Control metadata
(G) Usage metadata
(H) Audiences
(I)  The value of metadata

Metadata Tools

(J)  Repositories
(K) Metadata administration tools
(L) Data warehouse catalogs
(M) Business information guides

Metadata Sources

(N) Modeling tools
(O) End user tools 
(P) Population tools and programs
(Q) Systems administration tools
(R) Integrated warehouse systems 
(S) Existing operational systems
(T) End users' heads

Implementing Metadata in the Warehouse

(U) The metadata-driven warehouse
(V) Implementation driven by data quality
(W) Gradual metadata rollout 

Metadata an Expanding Role

(X) Business information interface
(Y) Knowledge management
(Z) Information supply chain