Tuesday, January 25, 10.00 - 17.00

Prime Movers and Data Warehousing
Johan Wallin, Senior Partner, SMG Finland

Course Description

In their forthcoming book Prime Movers Johan Wallin and professor Rafael Ramírez describe how a new breed of companies not only act rapidly to changes in the environment, but also actively shape the business environment of tomorrow. They show how companies like Tetra Pak, Xerox, ABB and Nokia have successfully strengthened their own competitive position. These companies have intelligently appreciated the external world and then acted promptly and decisively to support changes that are favorable from their point of view.

Prime movers never rest. They know that they both need to exploit the potential of today and simultaneously create the potential for tomorrow. Data warehousing is therefore a key enabling technology. Data warehousing can be used in all the management processes critical to the mission: Culturing, business modeling, corporate-wide coordination and activity management. This course will provide ample material about the connection between this new form of management and data warehousing.


In this new course Johan Wallin argues that data warehousing technology is one of the main drivers for an increased appearance of prime movers. Any company has to be aware of this phenomenon, because the prime mover of tomorrow may be a severe threat to the future of any company.
  • What are Prime Movers
  • Value Creation Potentials
  • The Value Equations
  • The Essence of Innovation
  • Value Creation; Matching Resources and Customers
  • The Three Dimensions of the Offering
  • Value Creation vs. Buying Behavior
  • The Firm as an Open System
  • Business Processes
  • Capabilities and Business Models
  • Business Development and IT Development
  • Corporate IT Management
  • Matching Information Systems with Business Model Development
  • Strategic Utilization of Information
  • Value and Values