Wednesday, January 26, 10.00 - 17.00

Electronic Commerce: 
The Next Frontier 
for Business Intelligence
Mitch Kramer, Founder and Consultant, Green Hill Analysis

Course Description

Electronic commerce is the use of the World Wide Web to implement a new channel for the customer touching business processes of marketing, sales, and service. Companies have begun to demonstrate that they can use the Web to attract new customers, retain existing customers, up sell and cross sell by leveraging a new class of operational application called an electronic commerce server. 

Electronic commerce and the products and applications that implement it have been all about transactions. What’s been missing in electronic commerce has been business intelligence. And, business intelligence, especially CRM, offers the potential to deliver the same benefits to the operational applications in electronic commerce as its has for operational applications that support more traditional channels—fast, effective, and consistent decision making that delivers top line and bottom line improvements to the business. 

This new course is designed to help you understand electronic commerce and how business intelligence techniques can improve its effectiveness. 

  • What is electronic commerce? 
  • History and evolution of electronic commerce
  • Functionality of electronic commerce systems
  • Architecture of electronic commerce systems
  • Information resources of electronic commerce systems
  • Current approaches to implementing electronic commerce systems
  • Current approaches to implementing business intelligence in electronic commerce systems
  • Issues and requirements for business intelligence in electronic commerce
  • Approaches, technologies, and products for business intelligence in electronic commerce
  • Trends and directions in business intelligence and electronic commerce