Wednesday, January 26, 10.00 - 17.00

From Warehouse to Factory:Data Warehouse 1999
W. H. (Bill) Inmon, CTO, Pine Cone Systems, Inc.

Course Description

In a short decade data warehouse has grown from outlaw heresy to conventional wisdom. With this growth has come a much fuller understanding of the DSS environment. What was a data warehouse in 1990 is a corporate information factory in 2000.

This presentation addresses some of the more interesting aspects of the millennium understanding of data warehouse.

  • The DSS community,
  • Tourists,
  • Farmers,
  • Explorers,
  • Data miners,
  • The flow of data throughout the corporate information factory,
  • Database design throughout the corporate information factory,
  • The exploration warehouse,
  • The enterprise data warehouse and near line storage,
  • Anatomy of a data warehouse record,
  • Data structures in the corporate information factory,
  • Distributed metadata - gluing the corporate information factory together,
  • Class IV ODS,
  • Different classes of data marts,
  • The global data warehouse,
  • Multiple enterprise data warehouse in the same corporation.
  • Database designers
  • Data warehouse administrators
  • Management of data warehouse
  • End users