Steven Crofts is the President and CEO of the Data Warehousing Institute and also serves as Editor-at-Large for the Institute’s Journal of Data Warehousing. He speaks and writes about various business and organizational issues in data warehousing. 
Prior to taking the reins at The Data Warehousing Institute, he was Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Relational Database Journal, an international magazine focused on the large-scale database, data access and data warehousing markets, and as Associate Editor of Enterprise Systems Journal, which focuses on large-scale enterprise computing technologies. 
He has worked in various executive marketing positions with software vendors including: Legent Corporation, Goal Systems International, Database Utility Group, and Texas Instruments. 


Barry Devlin is among the foremost authorities on data warehousing. He defined IBM Europe’s internal data warehouse architecture in the mid-1980s, and subsequently published the seminal article on the subject in 1988. He continues to develop the data warehouse architecture while promoting its practical implementation in all environments. Barry is a widely respected writer and lecturer on the subject throughout the world. His comprehensive book on the subject was published by Addison Wesley in January 1997. Over the past six years, Barry has provided consultancy to major companies in Europe and the U.S., supporting them in the definition of their data warehouses through customization of his generic architecture. He provides education, guidance, and project assurance from the planning through implementation of the data warehouse. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. 


Wayne Eckerson is Vice President of Technology Services for the Data Warehousing Institute. Wayne has been analyzing the data warehouse market since 1994, when he wrote a ground-breaking reviews of the data warehousing market. Wayne has published in-depth reports and articles on data marts, data warehouses, databases, OLAP, and WEB Query Tools.


Doug Hackney has over seven years of experience designing and implementing data warehouse and information delivery system solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. He offers clients practical knowledge of the challenges and critical success factors involved in building and managing data warehouses across a variety of industries and business applications. Doug’s vast background in business operations, coupled with his years of working "in the trenches" with data warehouse implementers, enables him to speak the language of both business management and the IS community. This unique ability to gain a multi-faceted organizational perspective, and to effectively merge its various needs and interests, is one of the keys to the success of a data warehouse or data mart project. 


Sean Kelly is known worldwide as a leading authority in data warehousing. He is the author of two best-selling books in the field, entitled Data Warehousing – The Route to Mass Customization, and Data Warehousing in Action. Sean is also a founder of the Data Warehouse Network, Europe’s leading supplier of support services to data warehouse implementators, including research, consultancy, education, and publications. 


Neil Raden is an active practitioner in data warehousing projects, a riveting speaker and frequent contributor to books, magazines, journals and conferences. He is one of the most well-known authorities in the world on decision support, data warehousing, and the intersection of technology and management. Neil is the President and founder of Archer Decision Sciences, an international consulting organization that provides management consulting. 


Richard Rist is Vice President of The Data Warehousing Institute. Richard has over 14 years experience with information and database systems. Richard’s primary focus is on technology and strategic assessment of the Data Warehousing market place. Richard regularly works with The Data Warehousing Institute membership answering questions and evaluating industry requirements against existing and new technologies. Richard regularly interacts with members to identify the needs and trends of the market place. This market knowledge is used in supporting The Data Warehousing Institute members.


J.D. Welch is an expert on solving the real-world problems that arise during a data warehousing project, and advises clients on all aspects of implementing data warehouses, including conducting training courses, developing project plans, developing logical and physical data models, and reviewing completed implementations. He was one of the first practitioners to design, develop and implement an architected data warehouse. He managed the implementation of several data warehouse projects for the sellular telephone industry from 1984 through 1993 and has also helped Ralston Purina, Citibank and Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems with their projects. 


Johan Wallin is responsible for the Finnish operations of SMG, an international management consultancy founded by professor Richard Normann. He has 20 years experience from using information technology for the purpose of making strategic decisions. 
His interest in combining business strategy with information technology introduced him to The Data Warehousing Institute already in 1995. Johan Wallin is the chairman of TDWI Europe. 


Laura Williams is Director of Corporate Systems Data Warehousing at Sears, Roebuck and Co.  Currently managing the development of a PeopleSoft financial data warehouse, she has also implemented a Corporate Reference Data system and created an Information Vision during a Strategic Planning assignment.  Prior to Sears, Ms. Williams provided management quality assurance consulting for Interim Technologies, and spent several  years at Ameritech, a telecommunications company, developing systems which including a Marketing Information data warehouse.