Customer Loyalty Applications in the Market Place 
    10.00-17.00, Wednesday, September 9, 1998
EnterMarts - the holistic approach to customer - centric data warehousing  

Paul Wickens,  
International Director, Fiserv InformEnt®  

Data Warehousing is now maturing, in terms of its definition and understanding.  The need for basic components such as a data model, architect tools, metadata and process management are taken for granted, even if they are still aspirations for many.  However, there is still a debate around what the focus of data warehousing should be and how deployment of warehouses should occur.  Are data marts a panacea or is an enterprise wide warehouse necessary?  Should the focus be around products, customers or organisation?  

There is a need for rapid deployment of an enterprise wide model and solution that yields cumulative value.  The route to this is the EnterMart™.  It will also be argued that for a holistic approach to be adopted, the focus in the model should provide centric business views of customers, products and organisations.  

Know your Customer - Analyze, Predict and Influence  

Jan Gregersen,   
Sales Manager, IBM Danmark, Global Business Intelligence Solutions  

The need of understanding your customer - and the possibility of being his/her preferred partner.  

In todays market the customers require to be served and understood as individuals, as well known counterparts that has a set of preferences that must be met if you want to build for an ongoing partnership. IBM have a long tradition for supporting its customers to get the best relationship with their customers. IBM delivers industry specific solutions that provide customers with the tools to get an insight into the future of their business. Among these industries are: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail & Distribution, Telecom, Utilities and Health Care.  

Using Customer Information to drive Marketing Programs  

Yvette Asscher,  
Marketing Manager, ICL  

In her talk Yvette Asscher will discuss how organisations world-wide are starting to use customer information to change the focus of their marketing programs. Yvette will describe ICL's view of the journey from the mass marketing approaches of the present to the new customer focused marketing techniques of the future that rely on the availability of detailed customer purchasing information.    

She will explain how studying and analysing what customers actually buy provides invaluable insights into their purchasing habits.  This can be exploited to improve profitability and build long term relationships.  She will take examples from projects already undertaken by ICL to illustrate specific marketing programs that were developed and executed by using a better understanding of real customer behaviour.   

Large-scale Data Mining Applications in Retail businesses  

Thomas Frisendal,   
ID Application Denmark.  

Recent advancements in Data Mining and RDBMS server technology have made large-scale Data Mining applications possible. This session will present powerful analytical solutions within the area of retail applications for sales and marketing.  

Microsoft Strategies in the Data Warehousing Environment 

Bruno Larsson,  
Solution Sales Manager, Microsoft Nordic 

The DataWarehousing market are expanding today and what can Microsoft do to provide products for this market. The new functionalty in the upcoming version of SQL Server will answer many of these demands. For example moving and transforming information from production systems to RDBMS or Data Cubes in an easy way. How to set up Data Cubes in an optimal way stand alone or together with RDBMS. Accessing information and a repository are also being addressed. Additionally Microsoft Office and Excel will be important as a client in a DataWarehousing environment.  

The Role of Data Warehousing in Retail Sales and Marketing  

Mikko Rauko,  
Sales Director, Tieto  

· How data warehousing can help retail business to cope with different marketing models  
· The active role of data warehousing in retail business development  
· What is the challenge for technologies and how to make fast implementation with high quality.  
Mikko Rauko will discuss experiences from designing implementations for the retail business.  

Momentum, Electronic Commerce and the data warehouse  

Sam Gragg,  
Consulting Director, Retail Solutions Group, NCR  

No one has to tell us the business world is changing rapidly. Global alliances and cross border and cross industry expansion introduce new competitors daily. Yet, most companies have so much momentum dealing with business as usual, how can they address these new threats or consider new strategies ? There are also changes forced by completely new customer channels such as the Internet or other electronic contact points. This presentation explores how a data warehouse can provide a vehicle to integrate new customer channels while protecting traditional relationships, helping the business navigate these changes and provide consistency through the transition.  
· How to be consistent for your customers in new channels.  
· How to develop a fact base to navigate business transition..  
· How a data warehouse integrates the business during change.  

Customer Relationship Management, Better Decisions Made Possible!  

Alfie Taylor,  
Business Development Manager, Europe, Middle-East & Africa (Oracle EMEA)  

Alfie’s presentation is on the theme of Customer Relationship Management. He will discuss the issues of the immense amount of information required to run an effective Customer Relationship Management system and also on the new ways of looking at (segmenting) this information.  He will then explain how Oracle has used its leading-edge technology to provide better customer profiles and trend analysis in existing Customer Relationship management systems.  Alfie will also detail some of the surprising trends found when Oracle technology and expertise is applied to business.  

Bringing Data Marts to the Web  

Perry Mizota,  
Vice President of Marketing, Sagent Technology, Inc.  

Sagent Technology, Inc. was founded in June 1995 to make vital decision support information available throughout the enterprise. The Sagent solution is a turnkey offering of products and services that lets organizations bring data marts to the Web quickly and cost-effectively. The Sagent product line delivers fully integrated capabilities for building data marts and accessing data marts via the Web. Sagent's professional services offering helps guide organizations through the design and implementation of data mart-based, Web-enabled decision support systems.  Sagent's unique combination of best-of-breed products and comprehensive professional services give it a strong leadership position in the turnkey data mart market.  

Successful management of information quality, metadata and the whole  
information delivery process  

Markku Moilanen,  
Director, SAS Institute (Finland)  

The successful track from data to valuable business information is a sensitive process. What are the most important elements of success? Experience and knowledge, methodology, information quality assurance, control of the information delivery process, metadata management and documentation are certainly among the important success factors in Data Warehousing. Mr. Markku Moilanen will reveal his 15-year knowledge of information delivery and the ground of SAS Institute's leadership in the information delivery market.  

The approach to maximize business value of Data Warehouse 

Jarmo Kuismanen,  
Sybase Finland   

· How to deploy information of DW  
· Maximize usage level of business-information 
· The advanced analysis opportunities 
· The successful approach to DW-implementation 

The key to successful DW-implementation is to maximize the usage level of information  in organization. Many of the current DWs are only in limited use for few business people because there seems to be so many good  reasons for it. Today the new technology and new approach combined makes possible to implement the promise of DW; all information, reports and analysis for every users who needs to understand better the business flow, in use!