Stockholm – beautiful, clean, safe and eventful
Encompassing fourteen islands, Stockholm is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. Magnificent buildings give way to verdant oases, water and bridges.

Environmental awareness is high in Sweden, and Stockholm’s streets and parks are remarkably clean. In addition to being Europe’s Cultural Capital in 1998, Stockholm has also pledged to be Europe’s cleanest city – a compelling goal. Stockholmers speak excellent English and many of them speak German and French, too.
On the whole Stockholm is regarded as a safe and relaxed city.
Stockholm was a candidate to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2004. The well-developed infrastructure, the many existing arenas and stadiums, the competence and experience derived from many large-scale events, as well as the genuine interest in sports among the Swedes, were factors supporting the Swedish application.

The Royal Family
The ground for the Swedish monarchy was laid by King Gustav Vasa in 1523. The present royal  family, the Bernadottes, goes back to 1818. The family is very popular among Swedes. The family has its permanent residence at Drottningholm Palace, just outside Stockholm, but works and receives official guests at Stockholm Palace, the largest royal palace in the world still being used for its original purpose.

Furs, crystal, textiles, art hadicrafts, and furniture are only some of the great bargains available to shoppers in the Swedish capital. The largest shopping area in Stockholm stretches from Hötorget to the Old Town via Drottninggatan, and from Hamngatan, Kungsgatan and Biblioteksgatan to Stureplan.

What to do?
Stockholm is a city bustling with activities all year round. It has a flourishing night-life and a wealth of cultural attractions. To begin with Stockholm has more restaurants per capita than most other European cities. There is a myriad of exciting restaurants with a wide range of variations. A number of concerts and special performances are held every week.

There are more than 70 Museums in Stockholm. Everything from the great and well-known to the small and odd.

Stockholm is a delightful old city dating back to the 13th century. A stroll back in time through the well preserved Old Town, with its many boutiques and cozy restaurants, is well worth the time.