Welcome to the First European
Data Warehousing Conference
in Stockholm
Data warehousing is a new discipline that surprisingly fast has established a position for itself as one of the most important elements of a corporate IT-architecture. Perhaps because of the explosive development, it is remarkable to find the poor foundation on which many large companies make decisions regarding data warehousing investments. The objective with this first European Data Warehousing Conference is to bring some new knowledge into this decision making process.
The Stockholm conference is bringing together the best of two years of experiences from the Data Warehousing Institute and its conferences in the United States. In addition to this the conference will raise a new important question: the context of data warehousing.
As data warehousing now is coming to Europe in full scale, it is important that the decision makers are aware of the internal issues to be considered entering the data warehousing scene. The presentations relating to the methodologies and management of data warehousing as well as the case studies are giving insights here. However, and perhaps this is an issue often overlooked, the companies also need to consider external issues related to data warehousing. Not every company has the same need concerning data warehousing, and even similar companies in similar industries end up with different data warehousing solutions. The third track, the Context of Data Warehousing as well as the keynote speakers are addressing this issue.
For any new discipline, the first phase of attention is to define the discipline and its possible contributions. Data warehousing has still a long way to go in this respect, and we are convinced that the days in Stockholm will bring important new insights to anyone participating in the conference. At the same time we also start to see the move of data warehousing into a more mature phase, implying its positioning in relation to other disciplines. The Stockholm conference will contribute to this development by actively engaging all participants to discuss this important topic.
As professionals related to data warehousing either as users, administrators or designers you have the opportunity to join a very exciting event with some of the most insightful data warehousing people in the world, both business thinkers/ practitioners and technical experts. This event will be a truly interactive one, where the participants themselves will actively bring the field of data warehousing forward. The number of participants is restricted, so make sure that you will be one of them.
Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!

Johan Wallin, chairman
The Data Warehousing Institute Finland