This course provides business community and IT professionals with an intensive briefing on the latest ideas, technologies, and techniques in data warehousing. It is designed to bring participants up to speed with established best practises in building and exploiting data warehouses. Leading-edge developments are also identified and evaluated with an emphasis on what needs to be done today to prepare for the future. The course draws on a wealth of direct experience on real-life data warehouse projects in many industry sectors. 

This course addresses the five key aspects of data warehousing that are of crucial relevance in today’s business environment.  

Data Warehousing – 
Clearing Up the Confusion
Monday, April 27, 
10.45 - 17.00

Today’s key business needs targeted by data ware-housing 

Key application areas for data warehousing 

Established best practices in planning, design and implementation 

Proven leading edge tools and techniques for exploiting warehouse data 

Analysis of the latest developments and new trends in data warehousing 

Just a sampling of a few of the topics within this course; 
Changing business environments and the role of data warehousing 
•  New marketing opportunities 
•  Deregulation and globalization of markets 
•  Future users of data warehouses 
•  Data warehousing and business process reengineering revisited 
•  Data warehousing and organization re-design 

Data warehouse applications 
•  Customer care 
•  Sales planning, forecasting  and control 
•  Product design and development 
•  New application possibilities using Intranets 
•  Innovation and increased profitability 
•  Applications for vertical industry sectors 

Building the data warehouse 
•  Architectures 
•  Integrating all the components 
•  Data modeling and database design Key design issues 
•  Future directions in architectures 
•  Data extraction and copy management 
• Meta data management 
•  Helping data warehouse users 
•  Key vendors and products 

Methodology for data warehouse projects 
• Data warehouse infrastructures 
•  Stages, activities and tasks needed 
•  Planning, infrastructure development, application development and systems integration phases 
•  Causes of data pollution 

• Data cleansing and data quality 
•  Data ownership and data stewards 
•  Security policies and principals 

Data exploitation 
•  SQL vs. OLAP vs. ROLAP 
•  Warehouse access 
•  Packaged applications 
•  Groupware and workflow management 
•  Internet access and the Web 
•  Tool selection guidelines 

Case studies and lessons learned 
•  Banking 
•  Retail 
•  Utilities 
•  Telecommunications 
•  Manufacturing 
•  Public sector 

The future of data warehousing 
•  Platform advances 
•  Advances in tools and standards 
•  System management and administration 
•  The adaptive enterprise 
•  The future of data marts 
•  The mission-critical data warehouse 
•  The future of operational data stores and enterprise data servers 


Data Warehouse Network 

This course has been designed and is presented by Sean Kelly of the Data Warehouse Network. Sean is known worldwide as a leading authority in data warehousing. He is the author of two best-selling books in the field, entitled Data Warehousing – The Route to Mass Customization, and Data Warehousing in Action. Sean is also a founder of the Data Warehouse Network, Europe’s leading supplier of support services to data warehouse implementators, including research, consultancy, education, and publications.

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