Prerequisite: DW fundamentals helpful
This course encapsulated years of strategic methodology and modeling experience and techniques in two days. This course will give you the ability to learn powerful and important methodology and modeling techniques. After this course, you will be able to use many of the tips, techniques and knowledge at your company or at your clients’. This course will establish some foundations and quickly go into detail on methodology and modeling.
Methodology, Data 
Modeling and Design 
for the Data Warehouse, 
Part I
Monday, April 27, 
10.45 - 17.00

A methodology for data for data warehousing
Data warehouse architecture and its role in meeting the informational requirements of an organization. Provide a backdrop for the remainder of the course and will briefly cover:
• Data Warehouse Architecture
• Data Marts and the Levels of the Data Warehouse Architecture
• The Role of Meta Data in the Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Team Roles and Responsibilities
• The Core I/S Team
• The User Community
• Other Involved Parties
• Development Strategies and Methodology for the Data Warehouse


Iteratively Building the Data Warehouse
• The Scope of the Initial Iteration and Subsequent Iterations
• Evolving to a Mature Data Warehouse Architecture

The Phases of the Data Warehouse Methodology
• Evaluation
• Analysis
• Design
• Development
• Testing
• Implementation
• Management



DataWing Consulting Services, LLC

J.D. Welch is an expert on solving the real-world problems that arise during a data warehousing project, and advises clients on all aspects of implementing data warehouses, including conducting training courses, developing project plans, developing logical and physical data models, and reviewing completed implementations. He was one of the first practitioners to design, develop and implement an architected data warehouse. He managed the implementation of several data warehouse projects for the sellular telephone industry from 1984 through 1993 and has also helped Ralston Purina, Citibank and Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems with their projects.

"Opened my eyes not only to designing a data warehouse 
but also data warehousing in general." 
Michael Fossl, Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation