Data Warehousing and Strategic Management

The field of strategic management is undergoing some radical change. A new business logic is emerging. Value creation takes place in constellations where many actors simultaneously participate.  The language of strategy dates back to the theory of military combat. The world was bipolar: we and them, our forces and the enemy. Business strategy today is more complex. Companies are often simultaneously competing and co-operating. At the same time the content of the value creation process is many times emerging during the process.  Companies have to be much more open to uncertainty and found their decisions on trust and relationships.

In this new business context the need for accurate information for decision support becomes even more critical. This course will use the value constellation framework to show how the new value creation logics takes place.

Data Warehousing 
and Strategic 
Tuesday, April 28
10.45 - 17.00 

• What is Value 
• Value Creation Potentials
• The Value Equation
• The Essence of Innovation
• Value Creation; Matching Resources and Customers
• The Three Dimensions of the Offering
• Value Creation vs. Buying Behaviour
• Customer Base Analysis
• Business Processes
• Support Processes
• Business Development and IT Development
• Corporate IT Management
• Matching Information Systems with Business Model
• Strategic Utilization of Information
• The Implementation Plan


Finnish Fur Sales Co Ltd.

The case session will describe how Finnish Fur Sales (FFS) already 1981 designed an application, which included all the elements of a modern data warehousing architecture. The company was one of the first Finnish companies to apply relational databases for multidimensional analytical purposes. At that time IBM had just introduced its model S/38 (now AS/400) and FFS was using this as a platform to design its system serving international auction buyers and fur suppliers. The application, which basic architecture is still remaining unchanged, provides FFS with on line information on fur auction prices, quantities and purchases. 

The system enables drill downs to the level of individual buyers and suppliers and providing the opportunity to find such information over the whole time span back to the first entry of data in 1983.

During the presentation the design issues will be covered, as well as the development stages this system has undergone during its lifecycle.



Johan Wallin is responsible for the Finnish operations of SMG, an international management consultancy founded by professor Richard Normann. He has 20 years experience from using information technology for the purpose of making strategic decisions. Until 1991 he was marketing director of Finnish Fur Sales, the world’s leading fur auction house. He was 1981-83 responsible for the design of the integrated information architecture that established a data warehousing type of  solution for Finnish Fur Sales. Since that he has been responsible for the continuous update of this system, the last six years as a consultant to Finnish Fur Sales.

His interest in combining business strategy with information technology introduced him to The Data Warehousing Institute already in 1995.