It is a great pleasure for me to announce this second conference in Stockholm. The success of our first conference was very encouraging both for myself and for Steven Crofts, President of The Data Warehousing Institute, and we are happy to be back in Stockholm this soon. This will be a partly localized event with one of the three tracks held in Swedish. 
TDWI is step by step expanding its presence in Europe. One step in this direction was taken in January 14, 1998 when the local Swedish TDWI association was inaugurated. Professor Åke Magnusson was elected chairman of the association. I am very glad to have him as one of the new speakers. As well it is very pleasant to have Sean Kelly back. Sean was evaluated very positively by those who attended his course. In general the feed-back from the participants of our first conference proved that the content of the courses and teaching skills of the instructors are excellent.
This conference will present new and interesting European data warehousing cases. Project managers will take you inside their organizations, share the challenges they faced, and tell you what they did to meet those challenges. The program has been designed to provide interesting topics both for business people, and for those looking for the latest technological knowledge. E.g. J.D. Welch is one of the world’s most recognized experts on data modeling, now appearing for the first time in Scandinavia. 
This conference will offer improved possibilities for the participants to exchange ideas with the vendors. The exhibition will be open already on Sunday evening when the welcome reception is held. All meals will be served in connection with the exhibition, and there will be longer breaks between the sessions enabling discussions with other participants and vendors. 

The European Fall conference will this time be in Helsinki, September 7-10,1998. The preparations for this conference are already moving ahead, so make reservations in your calendar for that event as well! And remember to visit our web-site to find continuous updates about the conferences!

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm! VÄLKOMMEN!

Johan Wallin     
The Data Warehousing Institute Europe