Tuesday 13.2.2024 – Using data domains for Data Governance – David Plotkin

on Thuesday 13 February at 15:50 (3:50 PM) Helsinki time. Teams meeting.

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David Plotkin – Using data domains for Data Governance

As your data governance and data stewardship effort matures, you will begin to hear more and more about the use of “data domains” as an effective means of managing and governing your data and managing it with a team of stakeholders. It is important to understand how using data domains works differently from the older methods of grouping data by line of business, what important problems with that older approach it solves, and why data domains require a robust and mature data governance effort. In this presentation you will learn:

  • What data domains are and what purpose they serve
  • How to determine an effective data domain hierarchy
  • How to establish ownership from all stakeholders across the enterprise for each data domain
  • The staffing and roles for managing data domains effectively
  • How the decision-making process works for metadata that is grouped into data domains.
  • How the data stewardship organization for a data domain is managed
  • Why data domain-based data stewardship really needs a robust and mature data governance effort.

David has over 30 years of experience in Data Governance, data modeling, metadata, and data quality. He has led efforts at employers and client companies to plan and implement Data Governance both as stand-alone efforts and as part of other initiatives such as Data Quality improvement and Master Data Management. He has previously managed Data Governance at two insurance companies and managed data quality at two large banks. He serves as a subject matter expert on many topics around metadata, data governance, and data quality.

– tapahtumamme päättyy noin 17:30. Our event ends at about 5:30 pm Helsinki time.

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