Ke 14.4.2021 – Operational Analytics Supporting Critical Services – SMIT Estonia –

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Event program:

Külli Kotter, Product Owner / SMIT –

The Information Technology and Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior (SMIT) offers the development and administration of information systems related to internal security to the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board, the Emergency Response Center, the Academy of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior.

Every day, SMIT employees contribute to the operation of more than 150 internal security IT services throughout the country. Our workplaces are located in 11 cities and we have more than 300 people, of whom about 90% are involved in the development and management of IT services.

SMIT has built a very comprehensive ’Operational Analytics’ -solution designed to support critical internal security services under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior. Külli Kotter, Product Owner / SMIT, presents from a problem-solving perspective how the DataMart and analytics were built and, above all, what benefits were achieved. She demonstrates using live systems how the Estonian Police and the Emergency Response Center use real-time analytics to make quality decisions in their day-to-day work.

– tapahtumamme päättyy 16:00 mennessä. Our event ends by 4:00 pm Helsinki time.

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