Monday 10.10.2022 – Data Architecture: Data Lake vs Lakehouse vs Data Mesh – Mike Ferguson

on Monday 10th October 2022 at 2:50 pm Helsinki time. Teams meeting.

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Mike Ferguson – Data Architecture: Data Lake vs Lakehouse vs Data Mesh

In many companies today the desire to become data driven goes all the way to the boardroom. The expectation is that as more and more data enters the enterprise, it should be possible to understand and use it to quickly and easily drive business value. In order to succeed in creating, a data driven enterprise it is clear that choosing the right data architecture is now critical. However, data and analytics architecture has been evolving over recent years to a point where now there are multiple options. Is it a data lake that is needed? Is it a lakehouse? Or is it a data mesh? Should this be the focus or is it just vendor hype to fuel their own interests?   What are the pros and cons of these options? Is there a best approach? Is a lot more than this needed to succeed? This session explores the evolution of data and analytics architecture and looks at what is needed to shorten time to value and create a data driven enterprise.

  • Data and analytics – where are we?
  • Data and analytics architecture evolution
  • Architecture options and their pros and cons – data lake Vs lakehouse Vs data mesh
  • The shift to data fabric, DataOps, and MLOps to industrialise pipeline development and model deployment
  • Using a data and analytics marketplace to be putting analytics to work across the enterprise

Mike Ferguson. As an independent analyst and consultant, he specialises in data management and analytics. With over 38 years of IT experience, Mike has consulted for dozens of companies. He has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous articles.  Mike is Chairman of Big Data LDN – the fastest growing Big Data conference in Europe, and chairman of the CDO Exchange.

Formerly he was a principal and co-founder of Codd and Date Europe Limited – the inventors of the Relational Model, a Chief Architect at Teradata on the Teradata DBMS and European Managing Director of Database Associates.  He teaches popular master classes in Analytics, Big Data, Data Governance & MDM, Data Warehouse Modernisation and Data Lake operations.

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