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Irina Steenbeek – Building your successful data lineage case in 9 steps

In this presentation, Irina explains a method for designing, scoping, and implementing a data lineage business case.

Many companies have added data lineage to their agenda during the last few years. Still, the implementation of data lineage experiences a lot of challenges. The most critical ones are:

  • Data lineage remains an abstract concept for many users.
  • The implementation of data lineage is complex and time- and resource-consuming.
  • Even if implemented, data management and business professionals don’t use it as expected.

To anticipate these challenges, we present a method that allows:

  • Designing the metamodel of data lineage that fits the company’s needs and resources.
  • Scoping and implementing a data lineage project.
  • Managing various challenges with the usage of data lineage outcomes.

The presentation is based on the newly published book “Data Lineage from a Business Perspective” by Irina Steenbeek.

Dr. Irina Steenbeek is a data management practitioner. The key areas of her professional expertise are the implementation of data management frameworks in mid-sized companies and data lineage. Additionally, Irina has practical experience in software implementation such as ERP and DWH/BI, management consultation, financial and business controls, and data science.

Throughout the years, she has worked for global institutions as well as large- and medium-sized organizations in different sectors, including but not limited to financial institutions, professional services, and IT companies. In 2016, she founded Data Crossroads – a training and coaching services enterprise in the area of data management.

Irina is a strong believer that the success of data management initiatives is based on the combination of a pragmatic approach, clear and transparent methodology, and time. She has shared her approach and implementation experience by publishing the “Orange” Model of Data Management, The Data Management Toolkit and The Data Management Cookbook. She is also the author of various white-papers and articles on the topic of data management.

The latest book Irina published is from 2021, Data Lineage from a business perspective.

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