Building Success – TDWI Finland – Invitation to You, Everyone!

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TDWI Finland offers the vantage point to see, hear and experience. And at the same time, we offer the performers estradiol to get you and your message out. We organize annually about five events for members. Each of these events have about 1-4 presentations, depending on the length of the presentations. So every year dozens of hours of shows and showtimes, presentations!

Our members and the audience consists of business people, technology experts and vendors – independently – anybody involved in knowledge and information management – business leaders, managers, enterprise-level architects, business process developers, business intelligence professionals, content management professionals, collaborative BI entrepreneurs, etc. Our common goal is to share information, ideas and innovations – to develop our own skills and organizational skills, activities and capabilities in the market. We stay up to date and pioneer.

Throughout the field of Enterprise Information Management is developing and changing. People, business processes and information resources (Information as an Asset), how these are linking together (Enterprise Architectures), and related methods and techniques are strongly and fast developing, and there can be seen many new fascinating innovations. Development gains strength and speed unprecedented networking and information sharing; networking with organizations inside and outside. Networking and data management area (Information Management) itself is one of the strongest drivers right now. These issues affect us all, and now each operator and all business processes.

Invitation – Dear readers! Dear friends! –

I invite and challenge you and your organization to participate in community activities. If you have any
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