Thursday 10.2.2022 – The Data Literacy Imperative – Developing Individual and Organizational Literacy – Dave Wells –

on Thursday February 10 at 4 pm Helsinki time (Teams lobby at 3:50 pm). Teams meeting.

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Dave Wells – The Data Literacy Imperative – Developing Individual and Organizational Literacy

It seems that everyone is talking about data literacy today. CDOs position literacy among their top priorities and many organizations count it among their pressing needs. The level of awareness is high. The puzzle is in what comes after awareness. How do you create data literacy? Where to start and how to grow data literacy?

Data literacy is both an individual and an organizational skill set. A data literate individual has the ability to understand, interpret, and apply data to fulfill communication responsibilities of their specific job role. A data literate organization has the ability to communicate, collaborate, and innovate using data. Data literacy growth occurs on both fronts. Individually you need learning plans. Organizationally you need a data literacy program. And it all begins with assessment.

25-January the presentation was meant to go through the points listed below, but for technical reasons Dave lost connection 55 minutes from the start of the presentation. Now, 10-February, Dave will do a quick summary of the early part of the presentation (25-Jan) — what, why, who of data literacy — then pick up at the start of Building a Data Literacy Program.

  • The Data Literacy Body of Knowledge (DLBOK)
  • The activities and dimensions of a Data Literacy Program
  • Data literacy assessment and using assessment results
  • Individual and organizational planning
  • Learning resources for data literacy
  • Sustaining, expanding, and evolving data literacy

Please, take eLearningCurve’s free Data Literacy Assessment prior to attending the session. You’ll gain some insights that help you to personalize the information and engage in a lively and interactive session. 

Dave Wells is the Education Director for eLearningCurve as well as the author and instructor of several eLearningCurve courses. Dave works as an educator and consultant in the field of data and information management. He has more than 50 years of experience working with data and technology in many roles including application development, data architecture, data governance, IT management, business management, technology research, and more. Dave also has more than 30 years of experience as an information management and information technology educator including curriculum management, instructional design, course development, and teaching in live classroom, virtual, and e-learning formats. See Dave’s blog at to read his thoughts about a variety of data and information management topics.

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