Torstai 24.11.2011 – TDWI Finland – Esitykset – Sääntömääräinen syyskokous

Torstaina 24.11.2011, klo 12:15 – 17:20 

Paikka: Kalastajatorppa, Kalastajatorpantie 1, Helsinki (Conference & Events Center, Keltainen Sali) (map

12:15 – Kahvitus
12:30 – Tervetuloa! – TDWI Finland, Petri Hakanen
12:40 – Timo ElliottThe latest backend architecture trends, mobile, etc.The Big Leap Forward
14:00 – Ira SteningHälystä älyksi – Yksilön Tietohallintastrategia
15:10 – Paul Murphy (below the bio) – Back to the FutureIndustry Models and Data Warehouses
16:20 – Sääntömääräinen syyskokous
17:20 – Tilaisuus päättyy

Sääntömääräisen syyskokouksen 2011 asialista

Timo Elliott, Senior Director Strategic Marketing, SAP Business Objects – The latest backend architecture trends, mobile, etc.The Big Leap Forward:

    New technologies have reached a tipping point that threatens to make decades-old business analytics best practices obsolete and unleash a new wave of analytic opportunities. Join us for this session to discover:

  • How new technologies are coming together to enable radically simpler, faster, and more flexible analytic platforms.
  • How these new platforms enable new approaches to presenting and manipulating information
  • The challenges of adopting to these new technologies
    Timo Elliott was the eighth employee of BusinessObjects. He has spent the last twenty years working with customers around the world on information strategy, and evangelizing new analytics technology. His popular Business Analytics blog tracks innovation in analytics and social media, including topics such as augmented corporate reality, collaborative decision-making, and social network analysis. A popular and engaging speaker, Elliott presents regularly to IT and business audiences at international conferences, on subjects such as why BI projects fail and what to do about it, and the intersection of BI and enterprise 2.0.
    Elliott was a computer consultant in Hong Kong and led analytics projects for Shell in New Zealand. He holds a first-class honors degree in Economics with Statistics from Bristol University, England.

Ira Stening, Business Intelligence konsultti ja Tj, Intellira Oy – Hälystä älyksi – yksilön tietohallintastrategia

  • Voiko yksilö hallita tietoa?
  • Hälystä älyä – datasta tietoa ja päätöksentekoaineistoa
  • Tiedon ja bisnestiedon objektiivisuus ja mielen taipumukset
  • Tiedon lajit

Paul Murphy, Technical Leader for Information Management, IBM – Back to the FutureIndustry Models and Data Warehouses

    Paul will outline the success to date of the Industry Models in Data Warehouse projects all over the world and more importantly position their value in the context of the continued evolution of Data Warehouse infrastructure and successful implementation from a business value perspective.
    Bio for Paul Murphy,
    Technical Leader for Information Management, IBM Software Group, Northern Europe
    Paul is the Manager and Technical Leader for Software Group Tech Sales for Northern Europe covering the Information Management area including databases, data warehouse, master data management and industry data models. This includes IBM’s Information Server offerings, DataStage and QualityStage, the IBM Industry Model Offerings including Banking Data Warehouse, and specific solutions and components built on the Industry Models such as the Master Data Management Server. Paul is responsible for all Technical Sales support and SWG Services in these product areas.
    Prior to 2007, Paul was the Manager of Development Services in IBM’s Financial Services Solution Centre. He has played a key role in the overall development of the full family of banking (IFW) and insurance (IAA) business and design models, and the model-based component developments (including Customer / Party and Product components which formed the basis for IBM’s Master Data Management offerings) and the complete data warehouse solutions including the Banking Data Warehouse. Paul has been one of the leaders of IFW and IAA since the early 1990’s and was a founding member of the development team. Before that, Paul was the Product Manager of the IBM Software Group Lab which was responsible for the development of major elements of IBM’s Data Warehousing solutions, including the first data replication products which have been successfully implemented in many large banks and insurance companies worldwide.


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