To 25.9.2014 – TDWI Finland – The Human Side of Data Modelling – maailmanluokan tähtiesiintyjä Alec Sharp !

Torstaina 25.9.2014, klo 17:30 – 20:00

Paikka: Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, Helsinki – Kokoustila: Juho Rissanen


17:30 – Sisään klo 17:30 alkaen – kahvitarjoilut
17:55 – Tervetuloa! – aloitellaan

18:00Alec Sharp, The Human Side of Data Modeling

19:30 – Tilaisuus päättyy joustavasti keskustelujen myötä klo 20 mennessä


Alec Sharp – Senior Consultant and Founder, Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd.

A top-rated conference speaker, Alec mixes practical content and insight with irreverence and humour. Popular presentations include “Have Objects Gone to the Dogs?,” “The Lost Art of Conceptual Modeling,” “The Human Side of Data Modeling,” “From Process Model to IT Requirements – Crossing the Chasm,” and “Getting Traction for ‘Process’.”

Alec literally wrote the book on business process modeling – he is the principal author of “Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development.” It has consistently been the top-selling title on business process modeling, and is widely used as an MBA textbook.

His popular workshops on Workflow Process Modeling, Data Modeling (introductory and advanced,) and Requirements Modeling (with Use Cases and Services) are conducted at many of the world’s best-known organizations. His classes are practical, energetic, and fun, with the most common participant comments being “best course (or best instructor) I’ve ever had” and “I loved the real-life examples.”


At the recent Enterprise Data World conference in Austin TX  his “Human Side of Data Modelling” seminar  was the highest rated session of the entire conference in the three main categories – speaker, quality/usefulness of the information, and usefulness of the handout.


The Human Side of Data Modeling –Improving Communication With Subject Matter Experts

Above all, data models should be viewed as a communication vehicle among different stakeholders, including decision-makers, content experts, business analysts, and designers. Unfortunately, the communication often gets lost, either in the clouds, in the weeds, or somewhere off to the side. Whether the modeler has drifted too quickly into abstraction and generalization, or has taken the “deep dive for detail,” the result is the same – confused, frustrated, or detached subject matter experts. And the result of this is inaccurate or incomplete models! Experience shows that it doesn’t have to be this way – simple techniques, consistently and regularly applied, will go a long way to ensuring involvement, buy-in, and communication. Drawing on over 25 years of successful data modeling experience, this presentation will discuss the core “human side” behaviors – accessibility, direction, simplicity, consistency, visibility, relevance, plurality, patience, humility, tangible involvement, and empathy.


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